About us

The Beginning

Intrepid Design was originally founded in 2012 around the theme of exploration, and on the principles of integrity, quality, service, fun, adventure and social and environmental responsibility.
As a design business, we have endeavoured to uphold these core values to provide the services our clients deserve and to create products that enrich our lives in some way every time we use them.

We believe in the principle of user-centered design - thoughtfully creating products that strongly consider the experience of the end user.

We believe that life should be experienced and enjoyed as much as possible. This was the idea behind “Intrepid” - that we should each go out and explore the world, challenging the mundane and enriching our own lives and the lives of others.

Intrepid Design Becomes More "Intrepid", and less "Design"

In 2018, the company was renamed, re-branded and is now in the process of being re-launched, moving away from a service-oriented design consultancy and into the market of retail products... adventurous ones.
This new business, although under a new banner, will be more authentically in line with the original concept of "Intrepid", and will provide ourselves and our clients with more opportunity to "experience more adventure in order to enrich our lives". This forms the basis of our underlying mission and will drive everything we endeavour to do.

We greatly appreciate the clients that kept us going for the first few years of consulting, as these great people will always form part of the foundation of what is to come.

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Daniel Lehmann is the director of Intrepid Design and is driven to produce high-quality work and to enjoy life.Daniel Lehmann

Director, product designer and all-round adventurer

I graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2009 with a B-Tech degree in Industrial Design.
Having aimed my dissertation project towards the principles of user-centered design, I became drawn to this design principle and still attempt to incorporate it in every project that I undertake.

After graduating, I spent 2 and a half years working for a small design consultancy in Johannesburg, designing primarily injection-moulded and blow-moulded plastic products.
In 2012, in the midst of the global financial crisis, I set off to create this new adventure of my own.

Intrepid Design functioned as a consultancy for three years before becoming unviable as a stable source of income, at which point I accepted an offer of permanent employment, and the design consulting all but evaporated.

However, Intrepid Design as a business entity stayed alive, as the concept behind it still resonated with me more than the service itself ever did.

In 2018, after some further life-changing events, I discovered my clearer purpose, thanks to Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why". This personal "why" has provided a new focus to the things I undertake and is as follows:

"To equip and inspire people to experience more adventure in order to enrich their lives".

This is the guiding principle of the new business name and identity.

Personally Speaking...

I am a naturally creative person with strengths in the graphic arts as well as a very strong technical understanding and intuition. My ability to visualise in three dimensions proves very helpful to me when designing in a variety of media. A very meticulous perfectionism and attention to detail ensures that my products tend to be heavily considered and efficiently developed.

I enjoy life while leading scuba dives as a PADI-certified divemaster, motorcycling, rock climbing, kayaking, target shooting, travelling or simply relaxing with special human and animal companions.

To witness my personal journey, subscribe to my YouTube channel: Intrepid Dan.

I look forward to sharing more adventures with you.

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